Military Employment


Military Employment Transition Program

In recognition, respect and gratitude to the men and women of Canada’s military we are proud to offer our Military Recruitment Program.  This career transition program offers the training support and flexibility that you need to continue your journey along a successful and rewarding career path.  

Kriska has developed a Truck Share Program to address the needs of newly transitioning former military.  We partner you with one other driver that shares your truck and works on the days that you are home with your family.  Kriska’s expert scheduling allows you to work in tandem with your partner ensuring your shared company truck is productive and well cared for.

As a newly licensed driver you will participate in 3.5 days of paid orientation.  We provide you with this solid foundation of classroom learning to ensure that you are ready for the next phase of your training- a 4 week on the road in cab program where you will receive expert guidance development and coaching from your experienced Driver Trainer to get you started.
We are different from many other transportation companies who may only give one full day off for every week away from home and require drivers to be on the road for one to four weeks at a time.  Kriska offers the flexibility to drive full or part time and our industry leading scheduling homes that full time drivers are home for a minimum of two full days every week and are on the road a maximum of 5-6 days at a time.

In addition to Truck Share, training and onboarding programs we offer job security, flexible full and part time opportunities, competitive compensation and a dedication to your work/life balance.  Kriska is honoured to be an Employer Partner through Canada Company and encourage transitioning military personnel to visit their website at